Firstly I would like to say thank you to all those that have encouraged and supported my ministry over the past years! Secondly, my fees are suggested donations and know that whatever you can pay is just fine ❤

Yoga Instructor and Body Mind Soul Coach/Mentor 

Faith based Body, Mind and Soul Coaching Services in the areas of:

  • Finding a Spiritual connection
  • Walking a Spirit lead life
  • Finding love within
  • Spiritual Discipline
  • Christian Prayer and Meditation Training
  • 12 Step Recovery Mentoring

Faith based Personal Training programs:

  • Personalized yoga programs for your specific needs
  • Personalized fitness plans
  • Core Strength Training (Core Strength Training)
  • Healing the Chakras
  • Yoga for 12 Step Recovery

Soulfully balance your life – The sessions are weekly with homework. If you are wanting simplicity, love and good health in your life, this is the package for you.

Find freedom, peace and love – If you are constantly struggling to find freedom, peace and love in your life, I understand and I can help!  We will set specific goals as we identify solutions to what is currently holding you back.

To book time with Anita click here

Book a Group Event

Camino Divina – walking the divine way is a walking meditation that allows you to combine your yogic breathing and prayer.  On this walking meditation we will first descend down the hill and enjoy the view, become present with all God’s Creation while being contemplative about the joy His creation brings us.  As we descend we will centre ourselves and become mindfully aware of our intentions and prayers for the journey back up the hill.  As we ascend up the hill we will use our breathing to acknowledge the beauty of all His creation and while sending our prayers and intentions towards Heaven.

Forest Bathing  Yoga – This group event is pure soul care.  This experience allows you to open up all your senses.  This is a gentle flow class which includes lectio divina and visio divina meditations with time to journal.

Hilltop Yoga –  This event recharges body mind and soul!  Want to book your own session for Hilltop Yoga??  Sunrise, sunset or middle of the day, it is beautiful on this hill all day long.  If you are intuitive you will feel the spiritual and positive energy of this hill.  If you love wild life and wild flowers this is the spot!  We have a hawk or three always watching over us as well as deer, bunnies and tons of other birds.  A moose was recently spotted near by too!  

Wine Tasting and Yoga Event – Enjoy an evening of wine tasting, relaxing music and restorative yoga.

Ladies Night – Enjoy a customized 2 hour yoga class with your friends.  This can be a high impact drumstick pounding car pool karaoke yoga, gentle flow or restorative yoga.

If you would like to book an event please call or text Anita 306.681.9697 ❤

Healing and Wellness Studio is located in Mortlach, Saskatchewan.

For a free consultation call or email:

Phone: 306.681.9697     Email:

Scenic photos from group events ❤

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