Yoga With Anita

On Monday April 25, 2022, I will be introducing a new schedule. I thought it would be good to provide a description of the classes I will be offering through this season of Spring. Spring is about new growth and new beginnings! I hope you get an opportunity to try one of the new classes I am offering this season.

I would like to encourage everyone to keep an open mind about yoga and the benefits it can offer not just as a fitness class but also as a way to add balance to everyday life. Yoga adds flexibility, strength, balance, endurance and positive energy to the entire body and mind! It is also a heart smart exercise that boosts our vitality and livelihood!

Sound Bath Yoga Nidra – this class will offer a lovely sound bath which provides healing sound waves washing over your body, mind and soul. Sound baths are essentially overlapping soothing sound vibrations this bath is followed by a healing Yoga Nidra practice linked to scriptures (lectio divina) and powerful I am statements that heal body, mind and soul. Following the meditation in Yoga Nidra we will focus on either restorative or core strength yoga poses. The entire practice will be focused on breath work exercises to enhance the healing.

Fit Body Flow – this class promotes improved circulation, digestion, oxygen flow, better sleep, relieves foot pain and adds vitality to the entire body! We work on cardio, strengthening and lengthening exercises, gentle flow and balance exercises. Additionally we end this class with a centering and inner body awareness which eliminates negativity and recharges the cells within the entire body.

Gentle Flow – This Good Morning Gentle Flow is a fabulous way to start the day! We start off with a short meditation on the scripture of the day. Followed by gentle stretching and centering exercises combined with a flow that offers balance and strength for the entire body. This practice offers vitality and recharges the body adding harmony and radiance to your entire day!

Endurance Flow – this class offers strengthening and endurance exercises. Focusing on building core strength and working thru resistance to improve flexibility and build muscle mass in the entire body. The power flow is fairly moderate but adaptable to all levels of ability and mobility. We will build upper body strength with and without weights, improve muscle tone, strengthen abdominal muscles, lengthen and loosen hamstrings and quads. This is a fast pace, fun class and a great calorie burner!

Class sizes are limited and spots must be reserved. Drop-in rate is $15, 4 class/month pass $50, 2 class per week/month $80, all access $100 monthly. Cash or etransfer

Studio is located at 320 Dean Street, via the back entrance. Parking available behind garage or the rink parking lot. Questions or to book your spot, text or call Anita at 306.681.9697.

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