Core Strength Training

Feeling off balanced, stressed or impatient?

Building a solid core helps us balance our body, mind and soul.  We can make better decisions, make healthier nutritional choices and we can stay on target with our exercise routines when we are living a balanced lifestyle.

Trick is how does one get on the right path and stay on the right path? I have found with my own personal healing and working with clients the crucial steps are:

a.) a spiritual connection

b.) love of self and others

c.) forgiveness and art of letting go

d.)  simplicity

e.) breath work

f.) meditation

g.) movement

As we let the Lord inhibit our heart and allow the Holy Spirit to move in and through us, we will gain clarity.  As we take time to get to know ourselves and love ourselves, it becomes easier to forgive ourselves and others.  And when we can dump the stress and let go of all the things we worry about and that we are anxious about, the breath work, meditation and movement becomes much easier.  We start to re-align ourselves with a better healthier version of ourselves which leads to a balanced lifestyle.

Looking for a holistic way of healing your body, mind and soul?

Core Strength Training is available by appointment for $125 for 5 one on one sessions. Each session is 50 minutes. Moose Jaw appointment days: Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mortlach appointment days: Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.  Regina appointments available twice per month.





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