Holy Yoga Seniors Classes

seniors image

I love working with my seniors ❤ it warms my heart when I see the improvement in their mobility and their health.  To hear their success stories encourages me to want to help even more people find their balance, strength and wellness and keep it for many years to come.

Several times a week I teach Holy Yoga for seniors.  We have all levels in the classes, some do chair yoga, standing yoga or mat yoga, depending on their specific mobility.

Even those with limited mobility can benefit from yoga classes.  Just being mindfully aware of your breathing can improve your health condition!  I have seen wonderful improvement in the seniors I am currently working with.  Those seniors who are doing yoga have seen health benefits such as improved mobility, improved cognitive ability, reduced insulin, reduced medication, better breathing ability, better balance and improved blood pressure (just to name a few benefits I have seen).  It is a fact, that yoga at any age improves circulation, reduces fatigue and centres concentration.  Overall, yoga calms and nurtures the body and soothes the nervous system.  It is certainly a healthy gentle way to ease the body into better health and overall wellness.

During the practice we focus on scripture and listen to hymns and spiritually uplifting music.

Holy Yoga Seniors classes are Wednesday and Thursday mornings 9:30am at Trinity United Church, 277 Iroquois Street, Moose Jaw.  Or Monday and Friday mornings 9:00am at ButterfliesDragonfliesxoxo Yoga Studio and Wellness Centre, 211 Rose Street, Mortlach.

Classes are by donation.

For more information call or text 306.681.9697 or visit my website butterfliesdragonfliesxoxo.com

Hope to see you soon,

Anita Stettner – M-HYI


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