New Studio Location

The new location is just about ready!

I was feeling very blessed on New Year’s Eve when the Full Moon was shining thru the window covering.  Thank you to all my friends and family that not only encouraged me but also helped me make this move possible.  Without the kindness of those around me this construction project and move would have taken much longer.  I always wanted a yoga studio in my home but thought I had to build an addition.  Words from a wise friend and a thoughtful uncle helped me see what the Lord was encouraging me to do all along.  My house is HUGE, my kids come home maybe twice a year there is plenty of room for my studio within the walls that already exist in our house.  This project also provide the opportunity to declutter my house and my life.  The decluttering process is very liberating and was certainly a chore that was needing attention for years.  Our new living space is much smaller but far more cozy! Sometimes less is more ❤

Having the studio in the house will also offer the flexibility for me to offer live streaming of my classes and events so those of you far away can still join in.

Click the link for the current Schedule

lucky elphant
Full moon shining thru ❤

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