Finding Inspiration

Do you find that some days you read exactly what you need to hear on the very day you need to hear it?  It is like the Holy Spirit is speaking to you and soothing your soul.  I love finding inspirational gems like the one I found today.  I am currently reading When Jesus Speaks to a Woman’s Heart by Donna K. Maltese and I would like to share this gem with you.

“Miracle Maker

Woman, I am ready to do so many miracles in your life.  Do you believe Me?

The greater your faith in Me, the more amazing things I can do in your life and in the lives of those around you.  Do not limit Me.  Train yourself to think outside the box.  Humble yourself enough to believe in My grandeur.  Push your doubts aside.  Remember that I am the One who changed water to wine, healed lepers, calmed the sea and wind, rose from the dead.  There is nothing I cannot do – if your faith is big enough.

And once the miracle begins, it will continue for as long as you keep your eyes on Me.  So do not look away, or you may sink down into the sea of doubt.

You are a woman of amazing strength.  There is no door closed to one who believes in the impossible.  And that’s My art – to make the impossible possible.  Will you help Me?  Will you not doubt?  Will you believe anything can happen? If so, pray and petition.  Watch and wait. Then praise and repeat.”  (Inspired by Matthew 13:58)

This inspirational quote touched my heart and helped me push my doubts aside today. My hope is it helps you too.

God bless <><

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