Just As I Am

I am delighted to announce a new series I am offering on my YouTube channel starting February 22, 2023. The ‘Just As I am’ series will take a 40-day journey through my book ‘Walking the Narrow Path’. Through this series ‘Just As I Am’ you the viewers will receive me just as I am, first … More Just As I Am


It is faith that leads to assurance and peace of mind! We need to let go of our pride, our fear of failure, our need to be in control.  Let not your uncertainty rule your life.  Remember it is God’s will not ours, have patience that he will speak to your heart.  Be still and … More Faith


We are relational creatures and we are created to love and be loved.  I love to love!  And I believe love is a boomerang and the more love we give the more will boomerang back.  Light in a messenger’s eye brings joy to the heart. (Proverbs 15:30)  A joyful, peaceful heart is a healthy heart … More Love


It can be difficult some days to remain hopeful.  Some times we get weighted down by our pasts.  We spend time rehashing the should’ve been, could’ve been and would’ve been which causes us to stay stuck in a cycle that gets us nowhere. In Philippians 3:13, Paul encourages us to forget those things which are … More Hope


Inspired by Philippians 4:4-8 Living with a gentle spirit is not allowing our anxieties and worries to take over our lives.  Anxieties and worries, bog us down, distort our vision and adversely affect our health and wellness.  Be anxious about nothing, instead hand your worries and anxieties over to God, lay them at the foot … More Gentleness

New Beginnings 2016

Happy New Year!!! And blessings to you all!! Butterflies and Dragonflies Healing and Wellness, hopes to inspire each of you with thoughtful words of hope and encouragement through our blogs, as well as offer products and services that heal body, soul and spirit. At this time of new beginnings, let us remember to focus on … More New Beginnings 2016