God’s Promise

Each morning I read from Talk to Me, Jesus daily meditation written by Marie Chapian.  I grab a tea and sit in my back yard in the sunshine and meditate on the message of the day.  I also take time to read the additional scriptures which are provided.  I like to read the suggested verses from NIV, The Voice and The Message to compare the scripture readings.  Often one translations will deepen the meaning and really attach the message to my heart. I love to sit in it and enjoy the sun and hear the birds chirping.  Often, in the evening I go back to the same meditation and scriptures and reflect on my day.  The message today was captivating and so meaningful to what I am currently experiencing in my own life.  It helped ground me and keep my focus on Jesus, I hope it brings the same reassurance to you too.

Here is what Marie Chapian writes today from Talk to Me, Jesus.

June 12

When I make a promise

It’s sealed at My throne

It’s forever and it can’t be broken.

I tell you, your promise will come to pass

at its appointed time.

Don’t reject the dream I gave you.

I’m training you to stand strong and to trust Me.

Don’t be discouraged because it’s taking time

for your dream to reach fulfillment.

The vision in your heart is true.

I placed it there!

I’m the author and the finisher of your faith,

and I authored your dream.

I began it and I’ll complete it.

If I choose to wait

it’s because I know what I’m doing.

The enemy of your soul

wants to overtake your mind with doubts.

Why don’t you thwack him in the teeth

by trusting Me?

This was a wonderful reminder to me that I need not rush ahead of the promises the Lord has for me.  As he continues to refine me and polish me, I need to remain faithful to the dream he has placed on my heart.  He clearly reminds me often that I am on the right path – yet so often (like today) I get excited and I want to run ahead or other days I let the doubt overtake me.

His timing is the best timing, so take the time to see the wonderful gifts that he provides along the journey.  Appreciate the signs of God which he sends our way to remind us he is watching over us and we are on right path.  Know that you are enough just as you are and where you are, so do not doubt God’s promise for you.

If God has placed a message on your heart – believe it! And let him determine the timing.  Pray without ceasing and journal often.

May the peace of the Lord be with you.




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