Just As I Am

I am delighted to announce a new series I am offering on my YouTube channel starting February 22, 2023. The ‘Just As I am’ series will take a 40-day journey through my book ‘Walking the Narrow Path’. Through this series ‘Just As I Am’ you the viewers will receive me just as I am, first thing in the morning as I centre myself and do my daily devotional.

Each day you will receive a breathing exercise and we will meditate on a scripture or quote. Each practice will take anywhere from 3-6ish minutes.

My hope, is that through this 40-day spiritual practice you will hear first hand how this kind of practice has changed my life in so many wonderful and beautiful ways, then take this experience and enrich your own spiritual journey. This new ‘Just As I Am’ series together with my book is an open invitation to let God in, so that more people can open themselves up for this type of radical transformation.

This 40-day journey to finding grace and unconditional love will be divided into 8 segments: Love of Self: A practice of self discovery, Love Blooming, Fruits of The Spirit, Going Back to Go Forward, Holy Listening, Restoring, Growing, Walking the Narrow Path. Each of these segments will include daily focus on scriptures (or quotes) and breathing exercises. I will also provide insight into my own spiritual journey and practice.

I can only teach from a place of knowledge. From that place of personal experience with a spiritual discipline practice, I can tell you for certain that after 21 days you will experience healthy improvements in your life. When you reach 40 days you will have set a new healthy pattern in your own personal journey. I assert that when we embrace God’s love heart and soul it ignites the healing process within the entire body. God is love. And, when we can circulate in that space of love, it will transform you body, mind and soul. A spiritual discipline practice, will help you set your vertical which is where our balance comes from. From that vertical (balance) we learn to not let the things on the horizontal (imbalances) intersect us. I have personally found that having a solid spiritual disciple I have stumbled less and when I do stumble (because I am still human) my new natural instinct is to come back to centre so much more quickly.

If you are new to a spiritual practice such as this, my advice is have grace with yourself. It is a practice, everyday is a new day you can always restart! Also, something I say might really resonate with you and you might want to come back to a particular day a few times until you are ready to more forward, that is okay too! You might have questions along the way. Reach out, I would love to hear from you and even pray for you: anita.stettner@gmail.com

I hope you join me on this 40-day journey! Click the subscribe button on the channel to receive the updates.

Have a blessed day. Much love, Anita

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