Guided Forest Bathing Yoga


A forest bathing yoga event is pure soul care time!

Spending time in nature specifically a forest, allows the soul to bath in the surrounding beauty and to appreciate all that He has created.  This soul care event combines forest bathing, walking, gentle yoga, meditating and time to journal.  Forest baths will improve cognitive, mental, physical and spiritual health.  It will enhance all your senses while allowing a more creative mind and positive outlook on life.

During the forest bath yoga event we will take time for the practice of visio divina.  Visio divina is a way of praising with our eyes. To drink deeply the joy, comfort and peace visually found in all creation.  To settle into the forest bath a scripture will be meditated on (lectio divina), this is yin style yoga for the heart, mind and soul, allowing the scripture to be the guide and setting the intention for the practice. The gentle yoga incorporates meditation, movement and breathing.  We will take time to explore with our body, mind, soul and senses while breathing, sitting, moving and walking through the forest.  Throughout the event there will be time for the creative mind to meet the writing hand as we journal our thoughts, insights and intentions.

Taking time for soul care replenishes, restores and revitalizes our body’s energy.  Soul care helps us grow into a healthier version of ourselves and provides the pathway to a spiritual connection that might be the spark your soul needs!

For more information about this type of event or to book a private event,  call or text 306.681.9697.  To view current events: Events

Remember to take time to love yourself and others well ❤

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